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Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?

Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?


UPDATE!: If your sensitive to Petroleum Jelly read this blog for a substitute (the video recomends it).

Disclaimer: Also keep in mind we did not come up with this nor are promoting it. Just Putting it out there as a known folklore method


This man claims that Garlic Footies can cure you of Lyme!?

Madness! or is it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries has claimed that Acupressure points on the body can be used to access more internal points of the body. They believe body parts can be reflective and symmetrical to other body part. For exampley ou can access the sinus through the toes. or the Gi tract through the ear etc. This is where the whole idea of acupressure comes in play in Chinese Medicine. They use needles to open up “energy blocks” in the body to help relieve ailments. Is it real? Is it madness? I guess that depends on who you ask.

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