Wecome to Primal Healing with Guerrilla Wellness

This is Primal Healing a new media site dedicated to a new paradigm of thinking when it comes to healing.  Most people think of wellness as a “symptom A = Treatment B” but this only accounts for a small part of what our quality of life entails. Perhaps there is something deeper, something darker in us, a “primal instinct” if you will.   An “instinct” that you have lost in the concrete jungle of the modern world that can be reclaimed.

Perhaps its getting in touch with this “instinct” that we need evolve to a more genuine state of self.  To evolve into being our own guru.  In a world where everyone is searching for someone to save them, perhaps here you will get the inspiration to dig deep into yourself, to find that darker will to survive as a more genuine you without fear or want to save yourself.

Consider this site a journey into the jungle of self-exploration and self guru-ism.  A resource not to direct you on what to do, but how to think about improving your quality of life. a resource to consider how to grow, change and evolve with guerrilla wellness.

What is guerrilla wellness? Its a way of viewing the world around you as providing everything you need.  Its a way of developing mental dexterity to help navigate through the world and your problems with the least resistance and highest integrity.

Welcome to Primal Healing where evolution is the new revolution.

Thank you,


PS : we are not associated with the primal diet.

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