Holistic Masters: Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Cancer is a Fungus!?

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is (or was) an actual medical doctor in Italy that claimed to be healing cancer with an amazing breakthrough drug called… BAKING SODA! Simoncini has been disbarred from the Italian Medical Order for “prescribing cures that had not been approved”.

Science blogs across internet condemn this man. Who the hell does he think he is to deceive his patients with all this baking soda quackery? And it’s lives of innocent cancer patients he is playing with for Pete’s sake!

Is this the same baking soda you buy at the super market?

Yep! That’s right. Good old-fashioned NaHCO3.

Billions and billions of dollars are being spent on treating and researching cancer and you tell me this guy can cure it with baking soda? Can someone please call the Quack police?

But to be fair, we do live in the modern age so let’s give this guy a chance to explain himself. After all, sometimes the greatest discoveries are right under our nose. Sometimes the best way to take a huge leap forward in understanding is to take a huge step backwards first.

Let’s look at the man himself

Dr. Simonchini’s very own website openly brags that he is opposed to intellectual conformity. His website states:

He has a strong opposition to any type of intellectual conformity, which is often based on suppositions without foundation or worse, on lies and falsities.

These are some very big words from one very mortal person. His own site also professes him to be, “pervaded by a strong humanitarianism which triggered him to reflect on how little and inadequate medicine’s fundamental knowledge is, as shown by the impotence of medicine when faced by the pain of patients. This empathy for the pain of others has been the constant motivator on the path of his personal life.”

My GOODNESS!   A man who challenges the status quo. A man who is so intelligent that he knows the standard of medical care and research doesn’t. Wait, and he’s a humanist too? What man could not stand in such awe of such a Titan among men. And he’s quite humble too. Could this be the return of Christ? It’s no surprise that he was disbarred from the Italian Medical Order and viciously attacked for unorthodox methods.

It all sounds a bit absurd but perhaps then again, maybe it’s not! In his book Cancer is a Fungus, he does make one claim that really inspires this writer – the idea that we got the paradigm backwards. It’s not uncommon in history for great breakthroughs to be ignored and mocked in their day. It was Ghandi who said,

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win!” Sometimes these mad scientist concepts go on to become the new mainstream dogma after they are accepted as self-evident truth years later.

The germ theory

After all it was Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who discovered that disinfecting the doctors hands before delivering mother’s children reduced the mortality of midwives ward by nearly 3 times! After such an astounding discovery that the simple act of hand washing with chlorinated lime solutions could save so many lives, one would think the world would have fallen at the good doctor’s feet! However, going against the standard medical practices didn’t go so well for him. Not only was his ideas ignored, but many of his peers were completely offended by this seemingly simple idea! They cited that there was no acceptable medical explanation for his theory.

Only years after Semmelweis’s death, Louis Pasteur confirmed the idea of germ theory and Joseph Lister started practicing and operating using the new hygienic methods with great success. It should also be noted that the good Doctor Semmelweis was committed to an asylum where he died at the age of 47 – just days after the guards unjustly beat him. Such a massive reward for such a ground breaking discovery that saved countless lives.

Could this be history repeating itself?

So what is this backwards theory? Perhaps it’s not the germ we are treating it’s the terrain!

 The terrain?   We are treating life-threatening cancer and this is serious business! Screw this quackery!

How do we kill the cancer, Dr. Simoncini?

Are we really expected to believe a household item can replace billions of dollars worth of medication and research in treating cancer?

We just went through the history of D. Semmelweis and how he talked about disinfection to avoid infection. Pasteur also clearly demonstrated that it is the infection that is the problem. Why should we should believe Dr. Simoncini and his “fix the terrain to cure cancer” nonsense? He wants us to believe that we don’t need to go to war with cancer using serious drugs, but change its environment instead? And he wants to do it by using baking soda to change the pH?

By George it just might work!

Let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and think this madness through.

It might make sense. What if all of medical science has missed the forest for the trees? Could Dr. Simoncini be falling to the curse of history, repeating itself as it did with Dr. Semmelweis? Unfortunately, if this is true, it will probably be some time before we really know. Whether it’s true or not, the concept holds intellectual value. What if we are so focused on the germ theory and killing germs that we are forgetting that germs (or cancer cells) need to survive in a specific environment? After all, if you wanted to kill a room of people would it be more efficient to suck the oxygen out of the room – or would it be more effective to shoot each individual person?

Perhaps this man will go down in the history books as a medical maverick. Or maybe he will remain a Quack. Only time  will tell.

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