Gin Soaked Raisins? Party Favor or Old Folk Remedy for Arthritis?

Gin Soaked Raisins for Arthritis?  Sounds like something that might go hand in hand with Jello-Shots, but its actually a highly regarded folk remedy for arthritis in some circles.

How is this Secret Elixir concocted?

Take a box of Golden Raisins (not the the traditional purple ones we loved as a cartoon) and soak them in a shallow bowl of gin until the gin evaporates (usually a few  weeks). Once the gin is gone, eat about nine a day till symptoms disappear.


This old folk remedy has been kicking around for quite some times. It first hit its heyday in the 90s when Paul Harvey mentioned it on the radio.  Its also been noted that Teresa Heinz Kerry during a 2004 visit to Nevada to discuss health care mentioned a “highly effective” treatment for arthritis. Needless to say she got mocked by many bloggers over the remedy.Bombay-Sapphire-Gin-Bottle

What makes this magical remedy work? Some say its the sulfur/sulfides being enhanced by the gin almost like one would a homeopathic tincture. The truth is probably in the combination of both since the raisins and the gin have medicinal properties of their own, creating a synergistic effect in this folk remedy.  It should be noted that the golden color is often rumored to be bleached, but this is incorrect. Enzymatic browning slows down the color process by the use of sulfur dioxide gas and this is what creates the “golden” color.

Of course there are no studies to prove such a method works. Although this writer isn’t recommending you go out and make this elixir,  to the people who dare to try it remember caution should always be used, especially in the alcohol sensitive.





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