Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?

Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?


UPDATE!: If your sensitive to Petroleum Jelly read this blog for a substitute (the video recomends it).

Disclaimer: Also keep in mind we did not come up with this nor are promoting it. Just Putting it out there as a known folklore method


This man claims that Garlic Footies can cure you of Lyme!?

Madness! or is it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries has claimed that Acupressure points on the body can be used to access more internal points of the body. They believe body parts can be reflective and symmetrical to other body part. For exampley ou can access the sinus through the toes. or the Gi tract through the ear etc. This is where the whole idea of acupressure comes in play in Chinese Medicine. They use needles to open up “energy blocks” in the body to help relieve ailments. Is it real? Is it madness? I guess that depends on who you ask.

Lets take a look at this TCM chart…feet_acupoints_1

OMG! If this is true it looks as if we can access all the major parts of the body. If we can truely gain intimate access to these organs could it be used to help heal injuries or kill infection? It looks like its certainly a possibility! Perhaps these “Garlic Footies” attempt to access these points for infected Lyme patients to go straight to the point of infection? Fascinating idea! Although, I’m sure trying it would make you a strange bedfellow , to say the least, since you sleep with it on at night!

Watch the video below for more!

4 thoughts on “Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?”

    1. An alternative to actual Vaseline would be preferable…
      Humm maybe my next blog will be on Vaseline alternatives!
      Thank you for your suggestion!

  1. Thank you for the acknowledgement and simple explanation of brain fog.
    Instead of Vaseline, though made from petroleum does have certain medicinal properties, I might try castor oil and a small amount of flour to make the paste. Castor oil has drawing properties. My great grandmother used just castor oil and flour to draw soreness and buried splinters out. Perhaps potato flour… any way, I shall try.

    1. OMG that’s such a great adaptation! Thank you for that comment. You must be truly evolving 8) Let us know if it helps. I might have to do an update blog!

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