Guerrilla Staples: Activated Charcoal the Black Hole of Toxin Binders?

Activated charcoal is considered one of the strongest over-the-counter toxin binding substances out there. The good news is that it’s very cheap and very accessible. However, as much as some swear by it, others have a massive issue tolerating it. The reason is because it is so strong. If toxin binders had a black hole, this would be it!

Activated charcoal is one of the few binders that is very balanced in its PH allowing it to work no matter what YOUR PH is. This is not true for all binders. Some will suck in only toxins, and if you’re infected too much, it will just release more bacteria causing the body to become more acidic. Activated charcoal has a reputation for raising one’s PH. It’s good to keep in mind some toxin binders need a relatively balanced PH in the body for you to feel the difference.

The reason it’s so good, no matter the PH, is because it can absorb pretty much anything, even bacteria! Although, I wouldn’t say in my experience that it’s the best bacteria neutralizing binder, it is definitely very impressive. However, it also will absorb minerals and electrolytes so if you tend to dehydrate easily, you may have a tough time tolerating it.


The good news is there is a way to fix this! If you’re having problems you can take Bentonite Clay with it. This clay is also a binder of both toxins and bacteria and has much better bacteria neutralizing components! It also has a high mineral content as well. So the two together can make a dynamic duo to those whose doctors recommend a strong toxin binder duo!
What is Activated Charcoal exactly?
Well, charcoal powder is often used in air purifiers, water purifiers and often as a neutralizer of ingested poisons in the Emergency Room. Its use dates back to 1550 BC!
To show how amazing it can be in 1831 Professor Touery actually drank a lethal dose of strychnine in front of his colleagues at the French Academy of Medicine and lived to tell the tale! He combined the mixture with activated charcoal. It is said it can reduce absorption of poisonous substances by up to 60%.

Another amazing use is to whiten teeth naturally! Some use it by dipping their tooth brush in the powder, quickly putting it in their mouth, and brushing in little circles for two minutes. Then, Voila’! Rinse the charcoal looking teeth, and they should feel squeaky clean. (Be prepared for a messy sink.)

It can also be used as a poultice for insect and spider bites. I’ve heard of alternating poultices of activated charcoal, baking soda, and powdered plantain to reverse a bite with no visible scarring.


What does the “activated” mean? It is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen. The oxygen makes it highly porous and a great binder of toxins, liquids, and gases.
Do not take it two hours before or after vitamins or medication! It might absorb the medicine preventing it from working correctly. Also, please don’t confuse this great substance with the ash from wood or what’s in your barbeque. Always make sure you get a good approved source for it, and always consult with a medical professional first.

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