Healthy alternatives to Petroleum Jelly

UPDATE!: In the Garlic Footie Blog petroleum jelly is recommended, but if you’re sensitive, this blog should help you replace it. Also, I was just informed coconut oil can be added to the list of substitutes.
Petroleum jelly is considered toxic by many due to its crude oil base. However, there are alternatives that would be acceptable to even the most discerning Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer!

There are many ways to make an alternative to petroleum jelly at home, based on a combination of easy to get items.  Here is a list of the items and a few ways to combine them depending on your traditional petroleum jelly needs.

Some alternative items to consider are:

Castor Oil

You are probably already aware that castor oil is a well-known folk remedy for constipation, but are you aware that it is also a potent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal?  It’s also a great topical agent helping with all sorts of skin conditions and is even being used by some oncologist as a vehicle to deliver chemotherapy drugs to tumors!


Cocoa butter

No, this butter doesn’t come from a cow! It comes from the cocoa beans, the same bean chocolate comes from. It has a number of healing elements and will melt at room temperature.  On a side note, most healthy fats melt at room temperature rather than unhealthy fats that usually don’t. (I wonder what that is about?…perhaps to be explored in anther blog.)  Cocoa butter makes for a great skin cream, and some people even claim it can remove stretch marks, although no study has shown this to be true at this time.


Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is commonly used for hair care.  This is because its elements have a stunning likeness to sebum, an oily compound made by the body that makes the surface of the hair soft and smooth.  This oil has great moisturizing and emollient qualities and can be mixed with other oils to increase its effectiveness for both the hair and the skin.



Beeswax comes from the honeycomb. It has many uses in healing. It displays surfactant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin softener qualities.

To use beeswax as an emollient mix it with oil first, then melt it in a double boiler at low heat. Stir in the oil after the wax has melted. You can add grapefruit seed extract as a preservative, as well as your favorite essential oils. Then pour it into a sterile heat proof jar and let cool before covering.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a common kitchen ingredient that has healing properties attributed to its high amount of omega 9. It is used in many skin creams as well.


Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil contains lots of, of course, vitamin E!  Vitamin E is thought essential to healing skin conditions, and it is considered a staple in many skin creams.  It is also used internally as a vitamin and is contained in many supplements.

Almond oil

Almond oil of course comes from almonds and is often used to help improve hair, skin and overall health. It has a number of healing benefits, includes a decent amount of vitamin E, fat and protein along with a number of essential nutrients, and is a major anti-oxidant supplier.


Here are some combinations of the above that can be used at home as an alternative to petroleum jelly.

For skin softener


4-ounces olive oil

1-ounce shaved beeswax


4-ounces almond oil

1-ounce shaved beeswax

As a skin protector

4-ounces cocoa butter

4-ounces jojoba oil

2-ounces shaved beeswax

As a healing emollient

4-ounces cocoa butter

4-ounces almond oil

2-ounces shaved beeswax

As a skin enhancer

4-ounces olive oil

1-ounce vitamin E oil

1-ounce shaved beeswax

So there it is! There is great information here on how to make your at home alternative for petroleum jelly, along with a little information on what the various items are to give you the fundamentals on how to use the process for your own combinations.

To those who don’t have the time to waste experimenting, you can also consider purchasing Waxelene, as an already made alternative to petroleum jelly.

It can be found here at:


Have fun and be safe with your new skin care products!


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