Major Victory!: MAYDAY IDSA Lyme Guidelines Protest 2014

Congratulations to the protesters at the MAYDAY 2014 IDSA Lyme Guidelines protest in Virginia!


For two days, a large gathering of Lyme suffers and supporters protested outside of the IDSA building in Virginia to advocate for change to the standard Lyme disease guidelines for testing and treatment.


Most years, the IDSA ignore and mock the protesters, however this year they literally came out and stated, “We are listening.”


Could this be a major paradigm shift?


Many don’t know this but countless misunderstood illnesses were thought to be psychosomatic disorders in their beginning, including even major life-altering illnesses like MS and AIDS. With patient advocacy and more research the medical establishment found out they were, in fact, wrong!


Now, not only is the CDC admitting mistakes were made, but they went so far as to admit Lyme is not rare and that the yearly cases aren’t 30,000, but actually 300,000! In addition to the announcement of a major new vaccine that is about to be released, articles are appearing stating the promise of much better testing for both acute Lyme and the controversial chronic Lyme (aka “post Lyme syndrome”), and with the positive reception at the protest, could the IDSA now be listening and more open to changes that could completely change the lives of hundreds of thousands of suffers a year? Suffers that are sometimes living such a horrible quality of life that they are too disabled to work or take proper care of themselves and deal with horrific pain and fatigue that has either been ignored or beyond the scope of treatment of traditional medicine.


When such an easy to catch and treat illness goes so ignored and so many lives devastated, could this be a positive sign of vindication leading to the start of a new era?



For official information on the MAYDAY PROJECT facebook page please check out an LIKE…



Check out the media coverage on this link.

Fox news 5 video and article



Josh Cutler Mayday organizer extraordinaire meeting with an IDSA official stating “We are listening”!




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