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Is Fasting the New Black?

In a fast, the body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed.”

-Herbert M. Shelton, Fasting for Renewal of Life

Fasting is one of those healing methods you never hear about! After all, who goes to the doctor to get prescribed to fast? If anything, medically speaking, fasting is considered dangerous and can cause severe deficiencies and gallbladder issues if not done correctly and monitored.  However some new breakthroughs in conventional medicine have found fasting can have beneficial results and can even be prescribed in some instances!  Holistic medicine for years has been promoting the benefits of fasting but up till recently there had been no hard science to prove this.  What exactly does both schools of thought say about conventional medicine?

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What does your eye color say about you?

A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul. -Minna Antrim

It is said that the eye is the window to the soul, yet so many see it as skin deep. We can all be enticed by beautiful eyes. Sometimes the color is so deep, but is it really just cosmetic attraction? On some subconscious level are we picking up on something deeper? Are we picking up on their soul? In a way perhaps we are!

Iridology claims that there are really only two eye colors. But how can that be? We see all different kinds of eye color. All shades and depths…so how can there be only two?


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Bentonite Clay: The Dirt thats Electric! Booogie Woogie Woogie!

  • Yes, I quoted the 80’s pop song “The Electric Boogie!” Deal with it. In case you’re too young to know this reference it’s also called the electric slide, and it is played at almost every wedding reception.

Bentonite Clay is mined from the Earth and is formed after volcanic ash has weathered and aged in the presence of water. It has a strong negative electric charge that can pull positively charged toxins out of the system when ingested or bathed in. However, there are different types so don’t go run out and ingest the first bentonite clay you see.


There are actually many varieties of this clay depending on the mineral concentrations it has. There are sodium, potassium, calcium and aluminum, but the two you commonly find at the health food store are sodium and calcium. Sodium is the one you bathe in and calcium is the one you ingest traditionally. However some brands are a mix of both, and both are ingestible. The sodium tends to be more bulking than the calcium bentonite.

The magic in this clay is that it really is electric! Most toxins in the body are positively charged and the minerals in the clay are negatively charged. So when hydrated and exposed to the body the two literally change places. Redmond Clay and Great Plains are a mix of both calcium and sodium bentonite clay.


There is concern that the high sodium content in bentonite clay will provide too much sodium. This is not true. Natural sodium is okay. It’s processed salt that is the problem. Plus, many of the minerals in the clay are excreted with the toxins…unless the body needs them first, then it uses them as needed. Also, some people claim that sodium in bentonite clay constipates them severely. I’d argue they are using calcium bentonite clay or are not drinking enough water. It’s a very good laxative. If that doesn’t work, the problem might be more toxins than minerals. Adding activated charcoal or psyllium might be a good way to correct the aggravation the clay might have caused, if any.

It’s also important not to use metal when mixing your bentonite clay, as it will leach positively charged metals out of any source. A reputable source of the clay even uses caution in this regard even when it’s mined. Stainless steel is the steel they use to mine it.

Bentonite has other elements important for your body such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, sulfur, carbon and even silica! In addition, there can be up to 71 trace elements! Most have more than 50 odd trace elements.

The silica is really the impressive part. In 1939, the Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, Prof. Adolf Butenandt, proved that life cannot exist without Silica. According to his research conducted at Columbia University in 1972, hormonal disturbances in the human organism are often due to a calcium-magnesium imbalance. Several studies have shown that silica can restore this delicate balance. Silica also benefits the assimilation of phosphorous. Thus, it may be considered a catalyst in the use of other elements.


The silica in clay is thought to give it nano-crystalline properties. Crystals are thought to be capable of holding memory and energy. This energy may also aid the clay in its abilities to balance the body.

Silica is found throughout the body, but is highest in connective tissue and helps increase calcium absorption. Research has even shown that through a transmutation process silica is turned into calcium when needed. This is where its calcium precursor characteristics are thought to be. Others think this precursor effect stems from its ability to bind to toxins and pull them out increasing mineral absorption and thus calcium absorptions.

Some think the high aluminum in clay is dangerous, but this is not true. The aluminum silicate in the clay is a crystal compound and being bound together acts in the body as a whole unit. The aluminum is completely inert and never in an isolated form, thus is not absorbed by the body.

You might be asking what kinds of toxins will this bind? What kinds of diseases will this help with?


Well, technically it should bind all toxins. Toxins usually have a positive charge in the body so the negatively charged clay should grab it all. The clay will replace the toxins with minerals that the body can use to balance its ecosystem and raise its PH to a more alkaline state. Regardless of the sophisticated way this works, it is a very gentle binder in this writer’s experience. That’s why many who are diagnosed with high toxicity will alternate Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal. The later absorbs almost anything, minerals and toxins. The former will replaced the lost minerals. Just remember to hydrate since both will absorb water. Many take them at different times to gain the most effect. This can help with any methylation related illness. (Methylation is the scientific name for the detox cycle.)

There is a test, both blood and saliva, to find out what your methylation genes are. Many with hard to treat chronic illness like Lyme Disease and mold exposure victims use this as an experimental way to improve their wellness. However, I urge you to see a qualified medical practitioner to find out more on your options and what’s appropriate for you.





Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?

Garlic Footies for Lyme? Madness? Genius?


UPDATE!: If your sensitive to Petroleum Jelly read this blog for a substitute (the video recomends it).

Disclaimer: Also keep in mind we did not come up with this nor are promoting it. Just Putting it out there as a known folklore method


This man claims that Garlic Footies can cure you of Lyme!?

Madness! or is it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries has claimed that Acupressure points on the body can be used to access more internal points of the body. They believe body parts can be reflective and symmetrical to other body part. For exampley ou can access the sinus through the toes. or the Gi tract through the ear etc. This is where the whole idea of acupressure comes in play in Chinese Medicine. They use needles to open up “energy blocks” in the body to help relieve ailments. Is it real? Is it madness? I guess that depends on who you ask.

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